The first version has many custom features to suit your active lifestyle.

  • Alert messages sent even if you can’t touch the phone when needed
  • Sends your GPS location (if GPS network service is available)
  • Select contacts from the contacts in your phone
  • Warns you when an alert is about to be sent out to your contact
  • DISCREET Settings features so others are unaware it is functioning
  • Personal Monitor App still runs while you use other smartphone apps
  • Reminder Warning button “breaks through” or appears on screen, when due, even if you are in another app
  • Your trip details are sent to your contacts in your alert message
  • Take your picture, and it can go with your alert message
  • Use passwords or secure gestures so others can't impersonate you
  • User Notifications - shows icons in the status bar at top of screen, when monitoring,
  • Panic Button Options
  • Pre-set your typical activity profiles

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