Mobile Senior

As a mobile senior, suppose you have gone for a walk and you suffer a fall. Even if there is no one else around to help, and your Android Smartphone has tumbled out of reach, you could have a pre-set check-in time for the walk. If you do not respond by tapping the phone at your pre-set time interval, an ALERT is sent to a family member or other contact of your choice by phone call, email, and text message. The GPS setting (where applicable) will send your location in the ALERT, so your friend or family member can find you.

If your phone is within reach and you want to send a quick alert, the green PUSH/PANIC button is large and easy to find.

Even if your phone is not accessible when you need assistance, the Personal Monitor app will act for you, without touchng your phone. 

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Be more confident to be active and independent, knowing an urgent ALERT message can be sent to your contact, even if you are unable to reach your Smartphone at that time. This ALERT message can have your location, recent activity, and recent photo, if you choose to include them.

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