The Technology

Technology is on one of the things that sets us apart.  Pretty much every other related app we know about offers a "panic button" where the user has to indicate that they want help by doing something.  The problem is that often, when you really need help, you won't be able to push the button.  You might be unconscious or unable to operate your phone.  We turned this idea on its head and said that not being able to deal with your phone would be the sign that there is a problem and then call for help.  You can tell the app you are OK whenever is convenient for you, but if enough time has passed without hearing from you, it tries to get ahold of you.  And if you still don't answer, then it contacts the people you preset in the way you requested.  Through the wonders of GPS it even tells them where you are and any details of what you were supposed to doing.  The app can be discreet if you want it to be, not alerting others of its presence and that it is working on your behalf. 

This working on your behalf is the basis of our first patent application.  Others have followed in the areas of telling your contacts what you were doing and allowing them access to help you when you need it.

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