Working Safely

Suppose you are working in a warehouse or construction environment and you are sent on an activity by yourself. If there is any kind of problem or accident along the way, the Personal Monitor will allow you to immediately send a PANIC message to co-workers or managers. Just push and hold the large green button on the monitoring screen.

If an accident renders you unable to respond at your preselected check-in time interval, then an ALERT including details for your activity is issued via text message, email and/or phone call, to your contact, so that they can send help.

See the Government of Canada guidelines for dealing with the risks of working alone. Go to their website.

The Government of Ontario provides guidelines for companies to protect workers from harassment. Go to their website for more information.

What are some of the risks associated with working alone with patients?

When working alone, health care and social service workers face a risk of violence for many reasons:

  •  Working alone in remote locations (includes within the hospital or clinic), patients homes, accident scene, etc.
  •  Availability of drugs and other medicines at hospitals, clinics and pharmacies or in emergency response vehicles
  •  Public access to most areas of a hospital or clinic
  •  Hospitals and many clinics are open to the public 24 hours a day (including the higher risk times of late night/early morning)


Benefits of Mindr Mobile:

  • Stay in touch with your manager, supervisor, and co-workers
  • Companies in Ontario, Canada can use the Mindr Mobile App to comply with the Ontario Ministry of Labour law’s communications measures for worker safety, related to safety and harassment in the workplace

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Mindr Mobile LIVE Monitoring & Response Service 24/7/365

“Its good to know you never have to be alone”

  • For Lone Workers, Mobile Seniors, Medical Conditions, Personal Safety
  • Canada-Wide Service in cellular coverage areas
  • Linked to Armstrong's National Alarm Monitoring --
  • U.S. Patented Software – service available via Personal Monitor App

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