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Dating Violence on the rise - Victim numbers doubled to 17,028 in 2010 from 8,596 in 2004. student image In 2010, victims of dating violence surpassed those of spousal violence: 54,100 to 48,700, respectively.  (Source)

Campus life can be hectic and tiring. Even after you have programmed activities for the day, it is easy to add an extended-time activity like napping or sleeping. If you must travel between an apartment or dormitory and your classes, or if you are a high school student heading home by bus or on foot, ALERTS can be sent if your journey takes unusually long for any reason.

College parents will be reassured that their son or daughter can use the Personal Monitor to send an ALERT, if needed, without interfering with his or her independence at college. If the student does not respond at preset time intervals, an ALERT will be sent by email, text message, or phone call to the chosen contact for the college student. Many college parents are concerned for the safety of of their son or daughter at college, sepecially when the student attends college at a campus in another city, or state.

Excerpts from the Toronto Police "Be Streetwise" information:

1. Tell others where you are going and when you are expected to return.

2. Don't walk alone, especially after dark, if possible.

3. Follow the safest route possible. Avoid short cuts and deserted areas; try to keep to well-lit busy streets after dark. Walk on the side of the street where you can best see around you.

4. Avoid parks and green spaces after dark.

5. Walk with a purpose, and be alert and aware of your surroundings.

6. Don't flash your cash, ipods, mobile phones, or other valuables. keep their use discreet, and put them away after use.

7. if being followed, cross the street and go directly to the nearest well lit populated area.

Get more quick safety tips for college students here.

Set your Personal Monitor to check on you regularly throughout the evening, at a time interval of your choice. You can reset the Personal Monitor by simply tapping the screen when it checks on you, to reset the app, and continue monitoring, or reset anytime, at your convenience.

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  • Any student can send proactive urgent alerts to a friend or family member
  • Use the Personal Monitor when alone, at home, en route, or out for the evening
  • Use Discreet mode when you don't want others to know the Personal Monitor is on
  • Enable password check in to prevent others from checking in for you
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