Family Caregiver

If you are a Family Caregiver, the Personal Monitor will check on your family member regularly throughout the day, at a preset time interval, like once each hour, and send an ALERT text message, ALERT email, and/or voice call ALERT to the mobile phone of the caregiver, if your family member is unresponsive.

See the Personal Monitor in action in our video

Your teenager could have ALERTS go to your phone, or your senior relative can also set the Personal Monitor to send an ALERT to your phone, if needed.

Imagine something unforeseen happens while your loved one is mobile, out walking. If they didn’t respond to the Mindr reminder, you would be sent an ALERT with their GPS location so you can take action.

For advice and resources available for caregivers, visit The Family Caregiver Alliance or for answers to caregiver questions.

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  • Tap screen to Check in anytime, Personal Monitor resets and continues 
  • Location sent only with ALERTS - not a tracker 
  • Secured communications 
  • The voice call ALERT turns on user's speakerphone, so Caregiver can communicate with the user
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