Prevention of Asthma

Preventing and managing Asthma is challenging, and for people with Special Needs, such as Asthma, the Mindr Mobile Personal Monitor can automatically send an ALERT to get help, even when the person cannot act for themselves to call for help, or push a button. See it working in our video.

For Example, Women with Asthma:

Over 9% of women in the United States have asthma compared to 5% of men. Asthma has a differential impact on women. During the last decade, the increase in the asthma mortality rate for men was 34%, whereas for women it was 59%. Women consistently have higher rates of clinic visits, hospital admissions, and readmissions for asthma than men. Within most cultures, women have primary responsibility for child care and household management. Hence, they are exposed to many potential asthma triggers. Allergens including dust mites, fungi, molds, and yeasts may be problematic for some women. Sensitizing agents such as household sprays, cleaning materials, perfumes, scented personal care products, cosmetics, and other products have been reported as triggers. (Source)

How to register your Special Needs Group:

  • Contact us by email at if your non-profit Special Needs group would like to join our Plan
  • When clients enter your feature code during the purchase of a Personal Monitor subscription, a donation is registered.
  • Your non-profit organization will receive a donation for each single monthly subscription purchased of the Mindr Mobile Personal Monitor App
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