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A multi-country survey that also includes Canada, reveals that a quarter of women always or on regular basis exercise at a gym instead of outdoors as they fear harassment and assault. Around 46% of the women polled that they prefer to exercise indoors as they fear harassment and assault in the outdoor environment. The findings of the survey that have been merged by the reports of Statistics Canada reveals that women are three times more likely than men to fear for their safety when they are walking alone outside after dark. Of the total 811 women polled, around 7 in 10 said that they regularly or always avoid making eye contact with men when outdoors, due to the ever lurching fears of harassment and assault.  (Source)

 If you’re doing any type of outdoor fitness activity, and you want to feel safer, the Android Personal Monitor app will help, as it can send out a proactive ALERT, without any action on your part. 

Also, if you are out and about in the evening with friends, attending events, walking to your car or walking through a dark area or unfamiliar area, use your Personal Monitor.  See our VIDEO to see it in action.

Simply reset the APP by tapping the phone when the Personal Monitor contacts you.

The Personal Monitor is easy to use – you just set the contact you want the ALERT to go to, and set the time interval for how often the Personal Monitor will check on you. For example:

  • You are walking the dog around the park – 15-30 min
  • You are crossing a dark, deserted parking lot – 1-5 min
  • You are going for a longer hike on your own – an hour or so

Your contact person will receive the ALERT messsage from you with your GPS location (an option that you can turn on or off) through a text, an email, a phone call or any combination of the three.

See some quick safety tips for women walking alone at ABC News.

See this link for a guide to young Womens' safety on the streeets at the Center for Young Women's Health

Personal Monitor:


  1. Proactively send an ALERT via text message, email, and phone call to your emergency contact
  2. Convenient interval time settings to select from
  3. Tap action reset and swipe action reset modes
  4. Discreet password or non-password safety mode operations
  5. Choose a personalized warning ringtone for your alert
  6. Attempts to send your GPS location with an alert message* along with entered TRIP DETAILS
  7. Select sleep options for longer time periods without alerts
  8. With panic alarm function activated if you push and hold the green button
  9. Only $36.00 a month for a single license.  First Month FREE TRIAL.
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