Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mindr Mobile?

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Why do I need Mindr Mobile?

Our life is busy, active, and constantly on the move for business and personal activities, meetings, events, and pastimes. Trips, travel, and recreation are a big part of our lifestyle. Institutions, Companies, and individuals need simple ways to improve the level of personal security for everyone when they are mobile, or at work. The Mindr Mobile Personal Monitor is a user friendly solution to this problem. It works as a Smartphone application on Blackberry or Android.


How does Mindr Mobile work?

The Mindr Mobile Personal Monitor is a feedback loop with time interval check-ins. When the interval time duration ends, a trigger will automatically text, email, or call your emergency contact. To let Mindr Mobile know you’re O.K., just touch the green button on your screen.


Who is Mindr Mobile for?

Women of all ages who work, travel, or live independently and want to feel safe in their individual lifestyle.
Active seniors still participating in life, who want minimal worries of safety when adventuring out on their own.
Conscientious students who want to enjoy having fun but are still making smart choices when it comes to safety.


When would I use Mindr Mobile?

Whether it is routine daily activities, like taking the dog for an evening walk, or new unfamiliar excursions, like an out-of-town day trip, anyone can use Mindr Mobile Personal Monitor whenever they feel their safety may be jeopardized.

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