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Are you travelling alone?

Are any of your friends and family travelling alone?

There’s a simple way to have peace of mind.

The Personal Monitor from Mindr Mobile solves this problem for you: “No one will know that I need help when I am travelling alone, – if I can’t reach my phone!”

The Personal Monitor is simply an App on your Smartphone.

It will PROACTIVELY send a hands-free ALERT to your selected contact via email, text message, and/or phone call. The message can contain your name, cell phone number, GPS location, recent picture, and activity details, or as a panic alarm by pushing and holding down the green button.

Simple to use, the Personal Monitor checks on you when you want it to. Just touch the screen to send an “I’m OK” message to the system. On any other screen, click and drag down the Personal Monitor Notification Icon, then press a button to tell the system that you are fine. It works within normal cell coverage areas.

You can plan ahead for a safer trip by checking out tips from other travellers to your destination. Check sites such as http://www.virtualtourist.com/travel/North_America/Warnings_or_Dangers-North_America-TG-C-1.html

On your way - feel safer - with Mindr Mobile.

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